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IBM’s Microsoft Smackdown: This week in PR

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Both IBM and Microsoft made major systems launch announcements this week.

It struck me forcefully this morning when writing my first entry for the Mainframe blog that I hadn’t seen anyone compare the success of the two efforts. Well, if that isn’t a job for RedMonk then i am a capuchin’s cousin.

It looks like IBM won the PR war hands down. As far as the tech press is concerned, a mainframe system called z9 evidently has all the momentum, while Vista is still looking for a raison d’etre. Who’d a thunk it?

The analysis is here. On the broader plains of the internet Vista wins a google fight, but from a top down, mainstream news-driven perspective IBM just pinned Microsoft to the mat.

I could have just posted the argument at monkchips, because I own the copyright to the work, but I wanted to send some traffic to this new group blog I am contributing to. Please go read it and tell me why I am right or wrong.




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  1. Umm, I think you may have mislinked “The Analysis is here,” either that or we can derive your analysis based on the membership of the friary.

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