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Members of Parliament Leave London To Bombers’ Devices

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Our MPs began their annual 80 day recess today. They talk about business as normal, and yet head out to Provence, or Andalucia, or wherever it is, with families in tow.

I am beginning to get a little bit upset.

We face a huge challenge. Now is not the time to leave London to its own devices, or should I say, it is not the time to leave London to the bombers’ devices. Anyway, thanks to many of these politicians.

I hope you enjoy your time off. Why do citizens think its acceptable that politicians have so much time off in times of peace, let alone in times of terror?

The sirens have been blatting all day. The streets are crawling with cops. The police have made one kill already this morning (losing an important source in the process?). Things are not normal. How could they be? What could be more extraordinary?

Do I want knee jerk reactions and new legislation on the fly? No.

But I do want our politicians to stand firm with London. Tony Blair was once goaded into talking of a willingness to pay the blood price. Well its civilians, not just soldiers in Iraq, that are footing the bill.

By your actions, not your words, shall we know you.


  1. Spot on James. My daughter and her Grandmother were due to make the trek from the Fens (OK a 45 minute train journey) to London next week for a ‘school holiday treat’. They, and we for that matter, are now in two minds and our collective confidence levels are hardly boosted by the mass migration of our political representatives. “Do as I say, not as I do” springs to mind

  2. Well said. Be safe.

  3. Either we carry on as normal. In which case Parliament goes into recess and the MPs take their nice long holidays.

    Or we say things aren’t normal and we keep Parliament going. I’m not sure what use that would do beyond enabling MPs to engage in the ‘politics of the gesture.’

    Reshaping the structure of British democracy, by prolonging the current session of parliament, wouldn’t achieve anything and in fact would be the sort of knee-jerk reaction that would be counterproductive in the long run.

  4. “in fact would be” – your statement is as speculative as mine so the “in fact” adds nothing. i admire your certainty. on the other hand over the weekend i thought some more on the subject. the cabinet at least should cancel. they have work to do. these are exceptional times.

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