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New Terrorist Attacks in London – I am OK, again

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Seems like these attacks are nowhere near as bad as on the seventh. In fact we may not even have any casualties – please.

I have to say though its very odd to be sitting here listening to an IBM teleconference knowing that much of London’s transport network is at a standstill, and that there are terrorists running around my city with bombs.

Will I post an “I am OK” message next time, or would that be boring to my readers? I really hope this doesn’t become a weekly occurrence.



  1. James, I just dropped by your blog just to check if you were ok and posting, please continue to use it to let us concerned friends and asscoaites know you are ok.

    Glad you are once again….

  2. James, great to see your OK (again). FYI, I’m heading your way for vacation in a month or two. I’m not going to let the bastards change the way I run my life. Well, not unless my wife threatens divorce šŸ™‚

  3. James,

    Very glad to hear that you are OK. Also good to get perspectives from local Londoners …

    Be safe.

  4. One of the consequences of blogging is that we end up reading what a person has to say and, a person is affected by a lot of things not work related. People (me, for example) worry when we learn that something happened near you.

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