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Leicester Square Artist Uses Wi-fi, Tablet PC

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I bet you a dollar Scoble links to what I am pointing to. An artist in Leicester Square, one of those guys that draws pictures of tourists, is now using a Microsoft Tablet, and emailing portraits to people wirelessly when he is done. Hats off to silicon.com for making it a photo story.

Steve Ranger’s chin: A Star Is Born.

If Billg is competing with paper, this is a telling win.





  1. Mary and I went along – and got caricatured. She should be posting the images on her Flickr photostream…

  2. I’ve put my caricature – and some photos of the process at http://www.livejournal.com/users/marypcb/122060.html

  3. Robert had a link up in one hour, 14 minutes after your post. Amazing, his antenna must be buzzing all the time.

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