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I am safe, what a difference a day makes

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So the first bomb went off this morning in Aldgate East. Then all hell broke loose.

My office is in… Aldate East.

I arrived at Liverpool Street station at a couple of minutes past 9 to find it closed. I am really happy i was 25 minutes or so late this morning…

Everything is OK with me and Nat. I wish she was with me though, rather than in her office in the center of town. We’re told by police to stay put. The entire travel network has been shut down.

The folks at Cybermation are real troopers. Corrine Schmid and Kimberley O’Brien made it here safe and sound.

Anyhow my heart goes out to the families of the victims, and thank god things weren’t worse.

Talk about putting things into perspective.


  1. Good to hear you are ok. I was about to email you to make sure you were. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of London who have been hurt by this senseless act.

  2. Just to leave our love with you and Nat.
    I know being so far away there’s little we can do, but if you need anything just let us know.

  3. I just got a call from Luz telling me what was happening and we were all worried sic about you and Nat.
    Glad to ear you’re both OK.

  4. thank christ. there but for the grace of god, i guess.

    timing really is everything in life. my dad used to take the PATH train into the Twin Towers, and on both of the two occasions they were attacked, he happened to be on vacation in ME.

    just glad you’re ok buddy.

  5. How awful. Wow I’m relived to hear that you are well.


  6. Great to hear that you and Nat are ok.

  7. James,

    Glad to hear you and your family are ok.. it certainly does put things in perspective, and hits home back here.


  8. So Glad to hear you are ok!!! Even though I grew up in Belfast, I tend to forget the harsh realities of life and war. My prayers go out to all vicitims of this senseless violence…

  9. James, really glad to hear you and your family are OK!

  10. James, very glad to hear that you are OK. Thoughts are out to all those in London.

  11. I’m happy and relieved to read that you & Nat are OK. Learning that your good fortune maybe due to a fortuitous truancy only makes me shudder and smile as it exposes the frail and capricious aspects of life.

    Be safe my friend!

  12. Glad you’re safe n ok!

  13. Hi James–good to know you and yours are safe. Here across the pond, an old colleague is relieved.

  14. Just want to add my ditto to what has already been said.
    Your posting helps puts things in perspective in another way too. Realizing how close you were to these awful events makes them personally horrific. If that makes sense. It also demonstrates how much community counts.

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