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JavaOne Notes – and Sun buys SeeBeyond

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It’s good to see its not just me drinking the magic Java water. Kathy is pretty gungho.

In terms of blogging conferences Oracle evidently has its act together. Here is a link aggregation. Oracle is going to show off some cool client side stuff at Thomas Kurian’s keynote tonight. Unfortunately RedMonk has a meeting at that time. A bit of a drag that, because it looks like Oracle has a clue – remixing eBay and Amazon web services using BPEL. We’re all about that. I guess a visit to meet Chris Schalk at the Oracle demo booth is in order.

I met a couple of Oracle guys at the Thirsty Bear last night and they seemed really open and cool. But then we had all been drinking.

Interesting to see some smart IBM bloggers getting aerated about Java’s new naming convention. Noone else i have spoken to yet mentioned that. But simplicity is a good thing.

I met Dave Johnson at the Java Bloggers meetup organized by Simon Phipps, which was great. This guy (an Eclipse fan, heh) is busy changing how organizations communicate. I look forward to watching Sun turn his community building into money.

It was a lot of fun, but i had to go upstairs and be corporate, so i didn’t get a chance to meet everyone.

Danese is posting too. Some interesting thoughts on open source Java convergence. But i also liked her repeating Jonathan Schwartz’ assertion that it being Pride weekend, folks should go give IBMers a big hug as part of the 10 year lovefest, which i blogged yesterday. It was nice to hear some positive thoughts on diversity when the theme of the show is sharing and participation. The day before James Gosling recounted the story of a Brazilian developer who refused to wear the national flag he always wears around his neck on Sunday in case he was mistaken for someone in the parade. Tut tut.

I think Sun could and probably should make more of the happy accident – this is the second year in a row JavaOne started the day after Pride. I can’t help thinking Sun is missing a trick here- it would be great to see Duke in drag on a parade float; but then again we don’t know whether Duke is male or female, so gender bending is quite appropriate for JavaOne.

interesting to see Netbeans folks have hijacked the JavaOne Guestbloggers site. i know i am a contrarian but the passion from the netbeans community is pretty hard to argue with. Sun nearly had to cancel its Sunday event because attendance was bigger than expected. On a purely technical note- the new Matisse GUI builder does some things i have seen MS developers applaud wildly for. Nice automatic sizing folks. Eclipse is still the uber platform, but netbeans has a role in this industry. Don’t forget the Long Tail folks – people that call software technologies dead are almost always wrong. Sure Eclipse is the mainstream, but there’s plenty of room for cool apps to be built further along the distribution curve. Long Tail of Software Development.

Oops – have to run. holy shit. my wife just emailed me and asked if i hear Sun had acquired SeeBeyond. Stunning deal. Right on folks. SeeBeyond has been giving IBM a hard time in Europe and winning some interesting accounts, particularly in healthcare. Blimey. I don’t think this will be a rerun of Forte. For one thing SeeBeyond is already built in Java. SeeBeyond was already giving away software to win deals which fits in nicely with Sun’s open source approaches. So who says Sun doesn’t have a decent integration server.

Oh crap does this mean i have to keep using the term Composite Applications?

The folks from Sun corporate said they had more news for today. No shit.

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