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JavaOne Registration: Sun’s dogfood

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Sun dogfood

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One of my pet peeves is when software companies don’t use their own stuff. I hate it when Microsoft sends me a Word document to register for an event, rather than automating the process. Its even worse when IBM does the same thing (Word, again). Ever hear of portals? No – ok i will use Word then. But how inefficent is that?

I was pleased therefore yesterday when i went to register for JavaOne, to see. wait what’s that that Mozilla, that’s a… SunRay. Cool.

Now maybe its just my my memory and Sun did the same thing last year, but this seemed a step forward.

I tend to agree with Sean McGrath that there can be a non-event transition from Windows the the “other stack”

“On Windows I was a die-hard Emacs, Thunderbird, Firefox and Open Office wonk. Now that I’m on Ubuntu, I’ve switched to, um, Emacs, Thunderbird, Firefox and Open Office.”

What does that mean for Sun? Keep at it folks, those SunRay’s can be used for a seamless experience.

Certainly the registration was easy, the file and print was fast, and Sun is actually eating its own dogfood.

Nothing to do with Java per se, but a good showcase nonetheless

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  1. When I went two years ago, there was plenty of dog food eating, such as with the registration machines. I remember seeing a lot of people use Sun laptops too, which seemed really weird.

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