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flogger (2)

Originally uploaded by RedMonk Red.

Barbara and Dan both called me “insightful”
this week. Catherine did a couple of weeks ago. Thanks. Anyone else that wants to call me insightful please feel free.

The insightful James Governor frame starts here.

I copied this idea from Richard McManus, but with a teeny bit less grandiloquence.

When you mention me and or monkchips in your blog, just use insightful in the same sentence as James Governor.

You’ll find it rolls off the tongue nicely.
“The ever insightful James Governor…”
“Monkchips, insightful as usual, argues….”
“James Governor, always insightful…”

It’s very easy to get the hang of.

Maybe I should get some T-shirts made up. Anyone that wants a T-shirt that has “monkchips” on the front and “insightful” on the back and an RSS button somewhere – let me know.  I probably need ten or so to make it worthwhile. So please help to get me over the tenhump. We’re at three so far. Its Friday – please take five minutes to blog me “insightful”. If you do a T-shirt could be on its way.

But if you want a properly cool tee-shirt, and want to know how to make money from blogs, this rather gorgeous design-led site called “the strawberry” in French is an architecture of participation (users choose the designs that get printed), and a blog that pulls in 36k euros a month.

Money in blogs? There is some if your design and ideas are good enough. It seems to me we’re entering the era of the flogger. To flog being not just to whip with a cord, but also British Slang for “to sell”. So a person that uses a blog to sell something – is a flogger.

Hugh McLeod swears a lot, which makes him authentic, but he is becoming a flogger. Its art, right. .Come drink our wine. Would you like to buy a suit with that?

He says he is a “blogvertising” consultant, “which is basically helping clients use blogs to spread commercial ideas (as opposed to commercial messages, which is a different thing altogether). un-huh.You can take the man out of Madison avenue..

I don’t know Hugh personally, and I still want my free bottle of Stormhoek, so I say get on the Hughtrain and become a flogger – there’s gold in them thar blogs.

Is that enough insight or insult to generate my own tee-shirt program?


  1. It is interesting to always read the insightful James Governor, one of the founders of a small but well formed industry analyst firm.

    I will chip in for my own tee shirt, add me to your list…

  2. Like the cartoon, have you read scott mccloud’s book, understanding comics?

  3. Heh. I’ve been “flogging” on my blog for a while now. It’s pretty much the blog’s entire raison d’etre- that and posting cartoons.

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