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Rise of The Technocrati: a gentle ribbing

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So you want to be on the A-list, huh? The meme runs and runs.

Are the geeks really taking over the world?

Here is the latest Top 100 listing from Technorati, which measures the buzz around the outpourings of what I call the Technocrati.

Some call them Alpha Bloggers.

Some call them e-fluencers.

What could be more appropriate than “double-clique” it. Their influence continues to build.They are the gatekeepers of attention. Without a link from the cluster, or a trackback, you’re not even C-list.

I just call these people the TECHNOCRATI.

A-listers are mostly nice folks, in my experience, happy to help and on the side of the angels. But don’t worry if you aren’t one of them.

The trick is not to obsess about the size of your readership. Just obsess about your content, about whatever you obsess about. That’s the best way to win some notches on the old OPML post. Passion is often contagious.

Power laws and inequality might worry you, but forget about all of that. Somewhere on the Long Tail your audience will find you. Try and have the smartest conversation, not the most popular.

In this post i linked to some A-listers. They probably won’t notice. I bet others do. Its all good. 

I just got an email from an A-lister, Simon Phipps, who asks if I am coming to the J-Bloggerati meetup at Java One next week. You can’t turn down an invitation like that. 😉

Its great to just do your thing, but most of still love attention. 


[With special thanks to Sarita Torres at IBM for the idea stolen and used in this blog]



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  1. If I’m “A-list” then you’re an irishman, James!.

    That social is for anyone with a blog who’s around JavaOne. No readership required 🙂 Details here http://blogs.sun.com/roller/page/webmink?entry=free_beer_at_javaone

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