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UK Identity Cards: I have to laugh or I would cry

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If this vid was about the Patriot Act it would be a massive hit, like the Jib Jab classics. It’s Funny as hell.

It is UK-centric but still bites nicely. Charles Clark, that jug-eared ID card apologist, gets a roasting here. So does David “I am so bloody tough” Blunkett. Nice.

One for the id mavens (Bruce, EricJamie, Kim) and other concerned citizens.

We’re going to waste another ten billion squid on a failed government IT project. How fing ridiculous.


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  1. That is absolutely fabulous to borrow from teh title of one of UK’s exported tv shows. I don’t know what is funnier, the fact that they are thinking about this again or the fact that that dog was so cute!!!

    After WWII we all pledged and do every year to never forget, to remember what the sacrifice we had to endure as nations to defend democracy in this world. Funny isn’t it that the same villian then used national id cards to control the population, not protect them.

    I am sure that today’s governments wouldn’t abuse our liberties all in the name of security, would they?

    Sometime I think we have come so far only to see idea’s that take us back to things that aren’t good for any population or Government. The idea makes sense, in execution it will always be done wrong and abused by those we think we trust.

    Thanks for listening…

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