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MS Communicator web interface to offer deep Firefox support

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I read this story about a web interface for MS Communicator by the oh-so-spankable Mary Jo Foley.

The reason the post flagged my neurons?

I spoke to Gurdeep Singh Pall a couple of months ago when he briefed me on Microsoft’s Real Time Collaboration (RTC) strategy and he claimed MS would be offering full function Firefox support. I look forward to seeing it.

I have been meaning to flag this for a while. It is a great idea for Microsoft software as a service businesses to drive deep support for alternative front ends, such as Firefox.

What did i most enjoy about the meeting with Gurdeep? Asking him how long before his business was bigger than Exchange…. needless to say the answer was a long silence… 

What did i enjoy least? Spending an hour on a RTC roadmap with a Microsoft VP then finding out the next day that MS was buying Groove Networks, which of course changes the roadmap…. I know one thing about Gurdeep; I wouldn’t want to play poker against him. So was he bluffing about Firefox? 


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