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oh my gosh – ebXML buzz in SOA clothes

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Sun is getting some nice column inches for its registry news. Which means ebXML is too.

You can bet Adobe will respond. It is saddling up an ebXML yellow dragon to fly on. Concentrating on scalable document-centric integration (rather than primarily data, or process-mindsetted); I wonder why Adobe would be interested in that?

I have long argued Sun should be more public about its support for ebXML. Well look what happens when it is.

ebXML marketing budgets… stranger things have happened.

Last week i had a brain blip and cited John Bosak for his good works in the area. The real culprit on the registry side is of course Farrukh Najmi. Bosak is Mr UBL.

Oh dear though – more open source contributions by Sun. How dare it participate?


  1. I waiting to see if the Adobe and Macromedia execs are ever going to figure out they can use that JRUN thingie in the ebXML world…

  2. James, about time ebXML got some press. We are in the process of contributing our ebXML messaging server (nexuse2e) to the open source community. After four years of slogging through standards turf wars, ebXML is finally gaining some respect.

  3. nexuse2e? i am not aware of that software. why dont you get in touch and let me know more. not being anonymous would also help ebXML be less anonymous.

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