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ZDNet Responds to Infoworld: coolness for buzz measurement

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And there was me thinking Infoworld has all the best tunes.

ZDNet tracks media interest, charting cnet vs blogosphere, on Longhorn buzz.

I am a fan of news.com, with its concentration of reporting expertise (Stephen, Martin) and editing (Mike Riccuitti) and opinion (Charles Cooper), but now I am seeing some green shoots of integration between the team and ZDNet. Blogs are, not surprisingly, helping to munge it all together. Dan Farber and David Berlind are doing a good job (disclaimer: Dan said something nice about me this week). I am increasingly RSS feeding, and feeding from, ZDNet properties. They are clustering which makes them more interesting. maybe be its just in my aggregator, bloglines, rather than through some “corporate strategy”.

My point though stands that i am getting some good information and insight from all these media properties.

Infoworld may still be ahead on tagging, but it was nice to see the buzz measurement from ZDNet. Cool.



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