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Mr Portage Goes to Redmond. Decouplingness is next to Godliness.

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Seems like Joel and Scoble are having a cat fight about who was the whitest whites. nice work.

Anyhow – Robert made a point that i wanted to point to. Having asked about brain drain recently, and been told by some very senior MS folks that its not a problem, its good to have ostensive proof.

Step forward Daniel Robbins. I only know about Gentoo cos of Stepho, but its a sweet bit of code.

Anyhoo i posted something on Joel’s site and then thought wait a second, lets bring it home now. So here you go:

Great point about mr gentoo. not the /. arg but the fact MS hired him.

MS needs to get smart about decoupling the OS and componentry to allow things like effective HPC. A script based MS Portage tool could be extremely useful for admins. tie that into monad and some very interesting just in time configuration possibilities arise. one of MS’s biggest problems imho is the interdependency fugazi. Deploy one component and you have to deploy them all. But customers want some freedom. Portage (if that’s a picture of Daniel his afro makes Malcolm Gladwell’s look punk) was making it less of a worry in OSS stacks. now MS might do something in that regard (allowing selective component deployment) for its own Monolith. Or else its just killing Portage so it can continue to attack OSS on the basis of interdependency management issues. Either way its a very good hire.

Most importantly though i am very glad to hear that Robert’s wife is better. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. Robert evidently has some stuff on his mind right now.

Lets not sweat the small stuff too much. We know what really matters.

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