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Sun bridges ebXML Repository 3 and UDDI 3 in a single foundation service

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Hey good work Joe, Mark, John Bosak and everybody. I knew this was coming, was asked to keep it quiet. Anyhow – here is a link to the news.

I could have done with a heads up, but i guess i am not “distinguished” enough… Lucky ebXML has Ed Dodds watching its back. He speculates the Mayo clinic – one of IBM’s most important healthcare customer/partners–is on the ebXML trail.

Infravio is another coexistence player, driven by customer demand. Relationships with organizations such as Sabre and GM meant X-Registry supports ebXML’s regrep as a full peer to UDDI. “X-registry can be deployed as a single corporate registry or as a federated registry in the enterprise. It can exist on its own or can be used to consolidate metadata from existing UDDI and ebXML registries.” You can’t have contracts without business semantics.

Others? According to Dave Chappell, Sonic Collaboration Server “comes with built in support for B2B protocols such as ebXML and RosettaNet RNIF 2.0”

webMethod’s Fabric also looks to ebXML. How about this quote

Industries such as the Automotive, Retail, and Financial Services sectors are focusing on ebXML as the business framework for XML-based business process automation. Furthermore, ebXML enjoys the backing of standards bodies such as UN/CEFACT, OASIS, and RosettaNet (for the Message Service Specification).

webMethods has just been certified “ebusiness ready” in a certification program initiated by UCC and the Drummond Group.

Joe Chiusano at Booz Allen said this would happen


  1. Adobe’s LiveCycle Form Manager v6+ is built on ebXML Registry technology as well…

    ebXML is not dead, its just limping along without any buzzword support.

  2. Hi James, very astute of you to identify that the market would require both registry and repository functions across one interface. We’ve long held that building applications on top of UDDI only was a bit harder than it needed to be and this was based on direct customer experience…

    Miko Matsumura,

  3. astituity (shame that’s not a word) is where you find it. infravio and its customers were vital in helping me formulate a world view.

  4. James,

    And Oracle now have a new ebMS V2 server and CPA editor for their iHub suite and are delivering production solutions to customers. More news will be coming on this via http://ebXMLforum.org in the next few weeks. Oracle are currently building their marketing message and positioning around this powerful toolset. Standby for more on this as it unfolds here.

    Thanks, DW

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