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It’s More Than My Bosworth

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In the UK there is a phrase which means the little man who only thinks of regulations and won’t think outside the box. Oh no sir – its more than my job’s worth. I couldn’t possibly make an exception. Let you through this entrance because you’re carrying a heavy bag, sir? oh no sir, that’s more than my jobs worth. We call these folks jobsworths. when I see “Bosworth” sometimes the phrase jumps into my head. i can’t help thinking there is a poem in there somewhere.

Open standards, you say, in an office format?
You must think that i am some kind of doormat…
Yes i said, I asked for a Bosworth
But the CIO said Its more than his job’s worth…
lets stick with Microsoft files, shall we?
to cope with any eventuality…


The CIO he swept my doormat
when, i asked for an “Open format?”
Office XML, he bantered,
is Microsoft’s standard.
Its royalty free,
and so great for IT.
Following Sutor or Bosworth –
is more than my job’s worth!

if i was funny (or a poet) i would be dangerous..

OASIS in stasis?
DM in TF,
some ebusiness standards
run out of breath
the w3c
has been good to me
but following bosworth…
is more than my job’s worth

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