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The Best Reason To Throw Out A European Constitution

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I can think of no better reasond than because these arrogant idiots never came up with a plan B. You’re relying on the French to say yes? And betting a Continent’s future on the results? Even though you know French citiizens are swaying the other way. That is beyond stupid.

Frankly i think the constitution was always a dog’s breakfast. Over 400 pages of bureaucratic mumbo jumbo… and we’re supposed to buy into that? Makes me think of Corba…

The bloody nose to the eurocrats will do us all a favour. If we are going to be competitive internationally, we must be competitive internally. We need a constitution that’s more about small pieces, loosely joined. Something that will allow national remixing.




  1. Even with all it’s flaws, I love the US constitution. It’s simple, basic and, I don’t think there is anyone that doesn’t agree with it (all man are created free, …)
    Maybe we (Europeans) should be less afraid of copying the good stuff other people have and stop trying to put in the constitution muddled thinking and things that should belong in some local law.

  2. James, the question you raise muddies the water as they say….

    Are they trying to achieve a single economic free trade zone or are they trying to create a new super country?

    One is solved via trade agreements and principles which may be supported by a countries unique constitution or bill of rights.

    The other is the founding of a new common entity for the good of all.

    As an outsider to the EU I am not clear on what it is they hoped to achieve with this document, or ultimately what is the desire of member nations in being part of that group, other than the a free open trade environment with common currency, etc…that in and of itself does not make a country. If that is teh case then teh USA would own a whole lot more real estate and have many more states outside of the continental US.

    As a Canadian, we are just struggling to keep together as a common entity for the good of all.

    Corrupt governements don’t help but they aren’t exactly unique to Canada either….

  3. Acerbic as usual Jim but kind of wrong. Teh EU needs a constitution on a number of levels. Most important, it needs to get away from the straitjacket of unbending labour inflexibility. Without it, Europe gets cuaght in the vice jaws of the US on one side and China on the other. We’ve said a lot about this…

  4. bulking up not to squeezed by bigger parties with more fire power? you mean like HP buying Compaq to compete with Dell and IBM….

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