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Lets Get Real Real Gone For A Change

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Or, as they say, MonkChips has left the building.

I am off to Greece for a week with my beautiful wife. I will not be passing go, i will not be collecting $200, and i will certainly not be doing any blogging. i dont even plan to answer my mobile phone if i can help it. I am away for a week, then fly straight off to New York to a Computer Associates event. hopefully their financials will be worked out by then…

Anyhow i wish you all the best of times, and MonkChips will be back before you know it.

Thanks everyone for all your comments and trackbacks this week. Much appreciated i must say. Special thanks to James Robertson, Dan Sholler, Jaime, Nick Gall, Catherine Helzermann, Alex Bosworth, Neil Ward Dutton and certainly Dr ITIL. Sorry if i forgot anyone, but its the nature of the beast.

If you need anything – ping Stephen.

Oh yeah – huge news next week from SourceLabs. They have an amazing hire to announce. i can’t say anything but its a doozer. If you’re a journalist give them a call. Who knows..you might get a scoop.

Oh yeah on that note, congratulations Palimida on your first customer. Cisco – good job! Now that’s what i call a reference.

Anyway- i am out of here.


  1. James, may the wind be at your back; may the road rise up to meet you; and god speed for a safe and happy journey.

  2. Looking forward to the holiday pictures…

  3. Which places in Greece did you visit ?? Did you get the chance to head off to any of the beautiful Greek Islands ??

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