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Why Airlines should enter’have entered the MP3 business

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Well i think so anyway. Virgin has a great play list. British Airways-ditto. Even American Airlines now plays some cool toons on its instore playlist, when it used to just play dirge. Last flight i took i noted a couple of names for download or physical acquisition later. Wouldnt life have been sweet if i could just license the download there and then? I mean Virgin already has a music business and an airline business, so you’d think the links were obvious.

I mean music sounds great when you’re flying, especially after a couple of gins and tonic. That loosens the purse strings (just ask any Vegas casino). Talking of Vegas casinos, if flights are outside national borders, why not an onboard high stakes game of poker?

I kept meaning to post my great idea- Why Airlines Should Enter The Music Business. But then someone did it in real life.

Song, Delta Air Lines’ low-fare, high- style air service, announced today the launch of Song Records, an innovative brand venture created to celebrate great music and provide a unique platform for showcasing a diverse collection of recording artists. The venture is a collaborative effort involving a variety of partners, including: Song; Creative Branding Group, a premiere entertainment strategic ventures company; Gary Stiffelman, a high profile music attorney; and the music label Artemis Records.

Thanks for the pointer Gary.

This use to happen a lot when i was a kid. I would have a great idea, then someone else would implement it like three years later. Today it happens; only it gets implemented three weeks later… i guess the barriers to entry are coming down.

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  1. Either that, Jimbo, or your ideas just aren’t as far ahead of the curve as they used to be šŸ˜‰

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