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Sending Traffic To Tim – how is that for peer to peer?

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Anyone that reads Monkchips know that i freely give attention to Tim Bray. If Steve didn’t disapprove of “thlinking” i would probably do this.

You may also know i have been known to send some traffic to interesting folks in the sphere. What i didn’t expect was what i just came across; which is, me sending traffic to Tim. That seems counterintuitive to me – he is a supernode, right? He’s on everyone’s blogroll, isn’t he? Sometimes i don’t even include links when the folks are A-list. But guess what – good insights are where you find them and we all need help with filtering. Cheers Rob.

Oh yeah Tim -you asked me to remind you on my blog rather than email. It has to be a good idea to get Coyote Google-APIs (“goopies”?) ready sooner rather than later. that should be a design point, n’est pas? That is, making it easier to tie into the new crucial “APIs in the sky” – eBay, Amazon, flickr and all. The source materials of that great API mashup we’re going to enjoy over the next few years. And thanks a Lott, Chris for this post to what another oh so influential Tim is thinking about.

What is the insight? We live in a world of flattening hierarchies.

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