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Apologies to Mr Phipps – No Offence Meant

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So yesterday i went off on a rant about Blogger. That was the general. Unfortunately i then in order to illustrate my argument, went to the particular. Unfortunately the guy who keeps posting interesting stuff that i want to respond to uses Blogger, and so i don’t post because of the way the system is set up. I meant to chivvy Simon along a bit, and certainly didn’t want to gratuituously insult him in a room full of people. So WebMink, I salute you. Use whatever platform you want but please keep the smart stuff coming. I still think your IT as editorial meme is one of the absolute smartest of 2004. end of.


  1. You guys are such Sun butt munchers. When will you learn to ignore Sun’s crying? Bunch of whiners, and you are all Sun apologists.

  2. yay! our first troll 😉

  3. I love the smell of axes grinding in the morning. High class trolls you guys have here.

    Thanks for the apology, appreciated. Mr Reed (the troll) should be aware that the blog you mentioned is not associated with Sun – anything I write that’s Sun-related appears on http://blogs.sun.com/webmink – and that you, unlike him, are just being polite and thoughtful. Would that there were more of it and less mindless, bigoted flaming.

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