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Gartner Watchdog Emerges

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This chap thinks Gartner should maybe be regulated. That means RedMonk should be too, because I am in that industry. Oh well, bring on the new transparency…

He argues: So, what we have here is selective disclosure to a dominant influencer in an unregulated multi-trillion dollar buy-side industry. If this doesn’t sound familiar it should as this is the exact same model that was employed by financial industry until recently and one only has to look at the events in the financial industry that caused the SEC to enforce a series of stringent new regulations, including Regulation FD, to see an alarming parallel:

“Whenever a public company, or any person acting on its behalf, discloses material non-public information to certain enumerated persons, the company must simultaneously, in the case of intentional disclosures, or promptly, in the case of unintentional disclosures, make public disclosure of that same information.”

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Regulation “Fair Disclosure”

Someone had to do it eh “Joe”. I suspect your subscriber numbers could spike pretty dramatically, given that you promise, and practice, anonymity. And everyone in IT has a Gartner story to tell, don’t they?

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