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Internal Text ads- models for grown up RSS platforms (via Cote)

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Great idea from Cote. he is one of my favorite bloggers because he:
a. is a smartass
b. has a really impressive beard
c. tracks BMC on his blog, which not many people seem to do
e. has good ideas

This latest pointer falls into the e category. So how about an internal market for context specific adwords used by other parts of the organization?

Piggybacking on Intranet RSS and Search

So, adding to the idea of adding RSS feeds to existing middleware products (as Baus summed up my post)…when you get all those RSS feeds, you have “more material” to put Text Ads next to. You just somehow have to figure out a way to allow companies to allow you put Text Ads in there: perhaps sharing in the profits just like I share in the profits of having Google Text Ads on my weblog.
Using Text Ads for Internal Advertising

Indeed, if you applied Text Ads behind the firewall, there’s more, new things you could do:

* Sell ads internally. Different departments, teams, projects, whoever, could buy ads to advertise themselves internally. At large companies, broadcasting that you exist and what you do internally (never mind externally) can be a challenge. I’m not sure you would use real money to sell the ads. Probably something akin to “blue money.” The “KeyMatch” feature of the Google mini seems to do this.
* More effectively get internal announcements and news out. Most intranet sites at large companies have news articles about goings on at the company. But, you have to go to the intranet sites and read the news. Instead, if these news items were laced in as Text Ads, they’d show up next to relevant feeds and searches that employees subscribed to and read. Meaning, that the employees who “should” be reading those news items would have a higher chance of reading them.

It is reallly hard to sell ideas internally, to market them to constituencies inside the organization. Who ever talks about permission-based marketing, though, inside the organization? Well Cote for one it seems. He is looking just over the RSS event horizon, and the notion of ideas marketplaces with asociated expertise clusters, and ads…. just the kind of thought that is set to generate millions of dollars of VC funding this year. Go Gote. Watch out or someone may come offer you another job.

In order to innovate a company needs to know who internally is responsive to new ideas. To innovate outside the organization first you need to innovate inside. So why not use adwords?

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  1. Wow, thanks for the compliments! ;>

    We got a Google mini at work today (I’m sure I’ll be posting more about it sometime later this week). It has two features along these lines that I’m really excited about: Synonyms and KeyMatch.

    Synonyms allow you to suggest other search terms for any given search term. So, if you type in “apples” it might suggest “machintosh.”

    KeyMatch acts kind of like TextAds. It promently lists (at the top, though you could use XSLT to put them on the side) URLs to other sites for any key words. So, you could configure it so that when people search for “HR” a KeyMatch would display with a link to the HR department, or the a link to a benefits page.

    P.S.: Got any leads on that VC cash ;>

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