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Three Hundred Hits Just Came Out Of My Finger

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So the folks at Sun are listening – or at least 300 or so are. I pointed to Jaime Cardoso yesterday and it turns out his traffic spiked. Its really nice to return the favour after folks like Tim Bray and Jon Udell have been good enough to send traffic my way. This network traffic effect stuff is just awesome. This is what Jaime says:

OK if you’re a regular reader, you must have noticed that my “Work day” posts are different from my weekend ones. There is nothing strange about that, during the weekends (especially now) I have other projects to worry about (I’m getting married,…, I’m getting married).
After being out all day (today is an holiday here in Portugal, Carnival), I came to check my Weblog and, in a day I didn’t really posted anything, 300 hits. It ends up that, the one to blame was James Governor.

I am lion hear me roar. Or more pertinently see what Jaime has to say about what analysts should be doing.

I would really love to see more analysts to follow this example, I see Gartner talking about things when it is clear it has absolute no understanding of the issues and to see a analyst actually listening to a guy that spends most of his time locked in a cold room configuring machines or locked in some warmer room adding part numbers to a proposal, it’s a nice change.

Anyone that has been listening knows that RedMonk is trying to drive a conversational analyst model, something more akin to open source than is usual in this business. Get out of the cathedral and into the bazaar – that’s where the insights are. I don’t know what an industry analyst conference will look like in 5 years either Tim but i am pretty damn sure RedMonk will be invited. And the thing about those dudes in cold rooms – they usually know what they are talking about…

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