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Whats up in San Francisco Tonight?

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So muggins here forgot to let his buddies know he’d be in town tonight and so they went snowboarding yesterday for the weekend. then he lost andrew’s number. and it seems mr dortch is not around. so now i am going to go and have a wander on my own go eat a burrito. i have no idea whats on in this wonderful town this evening but if you have any ideas feel free to post them or call me – a uk number unfortunately on +44 791 944 8345. you can always text me if your phone can’t call abroad. it just seems absurd to stay in and blog or stuff when i am here where all the action is on that score. so you cool hip and trendy San Francisco bloggers, you burning man types, whats the score?

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  1. Should have went to St. Petersburg, FL. Thats where the action is.

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