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Outsell Says IT Research Ripe for Change

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i dont know Outsell and $895 seems like a lot of money to be told industry analyst firms are set for change. At least the firm agrees with us though about some of the major structural problems facing the likes of Gartner, but also anyone else in the business.

“We can see from who is not on this list that a pending crisis faces increasingly disrupted B2B publishers, fee-based publishers including IT research firms, and traditional non-qualified lead lists companies including D&B and Harte Hanks. They need to plug the hole in the dike through which marketing dollars are squirting into the collecting pools of the mostly non-affiliated online lead generation services. The fact that Gartner or Forrester might not see TechTarget as a competitor is due to pure business-model blinders. In the eyes of the user, the lead generation services are attractive new options for content, and this equals competition.”

There is a nice irony here too. If Gartner’s business gets commoditized by Techtarget, what is that going to do to Outsell?

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