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Get These Facts 2 (via Schneier)

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In the second of my occasional series of pieces of evidence that support the idea that Linux, and its open source brethren, do not suck.

According to The Honeynet Project‘s just-published Know Your Enemy report, time to breach in Linux environments is increasing. That is, the time it takes for a deployed Linux server to be compromised is getting longer – up into the three month territory for an unpatched server.

This survey, based on using honpeypot servers and monitoring actual behaviour in the wild, is an interestin pushback to recent studies published on Microsoft’s Get The Facts site.


  1. Interestingly, the Honeynet paper has been updated to ask “Why is no one hacking Linux anymore?”, as opposed to “See how secure Linux servers are?”.

    Although you can say that an uncompromised server is better (it’s functionally secure), that’s not the same as saying the server is actually more secure.

  2. Jeremy please, do not spin 🙂

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