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Stephen Groks Transparency Meme – Forgets Business Partner

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Dagnabbit Stephen i can’t take you anywhere – if you are going to call out the new transparency then don’t forget to link my voice to the darned conversation…. ๐Ÿ™‚

My business partner Stephen O’Grady wrote a note today, via Erik Dasque that i think ties nicely into the attestation and transparency note I recently wrote. [At the time, Stephen asked why only Microsoft–the answer was that that was the original context of the idea. It applies to other software companies too. Basically it would be nice to know whether folks used the software they claim they do on press releases and whatnot, and whether internal teams really do too.]

The latest piece of software i would like to know how much used by Microsoft employees is Maxthon – which adds cool browser functions like tabs to the IE rendering engine. It seems some MS employees use the software in the same breath as they say there is no need to improve IE.

I wish i could query Technorati for Maxthon use at Redmond tags…

As i argued recently:

If Microsoft employees “emblogged” their favourite third party software it would help us all get a better view of the software company’s thinking and future directions. its a wrinkle on the “eat your own dogfood/drink your own champagne” meme. we want to know when a vendor is drinking somone else’s champagne.

But anyway – this was only supposed to be a trackback

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