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The only Microsoft Certified Partner in London E1!

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Yellow Park, the company i share an office with, just announced it has become a Microsoft Certified Partner. Good job guys! Chris and Jerome have been working their backsides off and fully deserve it. I was surprised to find out Yellow Park is the only firm with these qualifications in this area of London but hopefully this localization will pay off. That is one reason i am blogging – in case someone is searching for these kinds of services. Apologies for regular readers that might be asking why i am calling this out.

But I should also note that Microsoft needs to stablilize its certification programs. Stop changing the goal posts Microsoft–it makes life awfully hard for companies making a commitment to you. They get half way through a certification and then have to start again, with new customer references and so on. If there is one thing that will irritate the channel its switchbacks and inconsidtency. Ah, some Microsoft bashing… that’s more bloglike… 😉

Yellow Park specialises in:

Web Hosting

Website Design

Network installation and support

Wireless networking

Network security

Bespoke database solutions in SQL Server and Access

High impact presentations

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