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Sybase feeds back on COA

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The latest quick hit feedback on our Compliance Oriented Architecture model comes from Sybase. The vendor certainly has some very useful capabililties in building COAs–audit, information integration, warehousing and reporting services are all well served by Sybase–meanwhile the company’s experiience in the financial services sector should be useful. For now compliance is evidently still somewhat of a tactical opportunity to Sybase, but it has architected its products to be applied as horizontal services–such as dynamic archiving…

One observation is that this certainly applies not only for SOX, but also on HIPAA and Basel.

Another observation we’ve had from customers is that much of their business is in “what does SOX mean” right now.
We also see competitors pitching a compliance solution, using very similar messaging.

Impact to Sybase is that we see the need not only for design products like PowerDesigner, but also for execution – BPM, workflow, etc. which we are doing with our Unwired Orchestrator product. Also with the data explosion due to compliance, we have offerings such as our Dynamic Archiving and Dynamic Operation Data Store solutions.

Michael Balch, Sybase

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