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Stone tablets rule. Multimedia sucks.

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One issue currently bouncing around the blogosphere is what i will call the fatness of content. enterprise networks worry about the verbosity of XML encodings. meanwhile RSS is putting strains on networks all over the place—i remember back in 1997 when administrators were freaking out about Pointcast streams.

but back to the subject in hand – moblogs are all very well and good – but in order to aggregate a couple of hundred blogs a day you need to suck up from that firehose. the best way to parse and move on is text. pure text.

anyone that has used SMS knows that it can be the quickest way to impart some information.

the leanest approach to content delivery and aggregation is text. while media files have their place– i know that i can absorb John Udell, Jonathan Schwartz, Scoble and a hundred others every day. but if i had to listen to voice or watch a video it would take me a week.

humans are great at text parsing. screw multimedia! just kidding – media has its place – but not on all blogs. media for its own sake makes no sense. i will happily glean info from stone tablets (they are just harder to prepare than web log entries)

anyway – what i really meant to is point to one of the clearest takes i have read on the subject. Thanks Nathan Torkington (what a cute kid!) for laying it on the line. it only took about 20 seconds to read the article. the meaning is worth a few Gb.

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  1. I’m sorry for intruding, but I just hate wars and politics!

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