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Furl earns its innovation and integration stripes with firefox fix

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Good job furl!

I have been using furl for a while, for online bookmarking and lightweight taxonomy. for those of you that subscribe to the blog that is the service driving my annotated links on the left hand side of the page. The service stores an online copy of articles I furl, and allows text search across them. furl was recently acquired by looksmart and i was a little worried that the service would atrophy rather than grow. now i don’t think i need to worry.

i recently upgraded my Firefox browser from .8 to 1.0, an act that unfortunately broke furl. that is, the app took advantage of pop-ups to drive the furlnotation, which Firefox started blocking. bummer.

so i fired off an email to furl support. within a day i had a suggested fix. unfortunately that didn’t work. Today i was really pleased to find an email from my man Mike. The fix was in – and furl went further with a set of Firefox extensions embedded in the toolbar.

Mike did good. furl did good. this is incremental improvement and innovation and shows that Firefox is swiftly becoming an important target platform for web services in its own right. Take note Redmond.

Now i am lookig forward to new furl developments such as the ability to allow groups to post to a single furl archive–which can then be spliced into a blog using feedburner with a single tickbox. Interesting aggregation, content, and wisdom of crowds cluster semantics possibilities. Having said that feedburner is working a bit weirdly so lets see how debugging it goes….

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  1. Hello James,

    Anything we can help with? We’re all about nipping wierd FeedBurner behavior in the bud, should it arise.

    – The FeedBurner Team

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