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Connected Corp. on Compliance Oriented Architecture

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File storage, retention, disposition and management are critical services underpinning any COA so i was pleased to get some useful feedback from a lead player in the space. Connected is a small company with a pretty cool value proposition – software that archives your email and or backs up your Windows files on a daily schedule. The secret sauce is the smarts to just back up the new stuff since the last backup, in the folders that administrators define. Connected is building an interesting set of channels–service providers such as telcos can offer customers back up as a no touch service–its already signed up partners like Fujitsu-Siemens and EMC. I would be surprised if the firm is not acquired sooner rather than later, especially now KVS has been snapped up.

But lets get back to COA, and participation from the vendor community.

Greg Nicastro, Vice President, Product Management, Connected Corp, said:

Most vendors are wrestling with compliance strategies. It seems that everyone is talking about “it” but doing something is another story. I think you have touched on one of the big challenges and are proposing a solution. In short, there are/must-be common elements across regulations. If this turns out to be an 80/20 rule, both large enterprises and vendors have a shot an an economic approach. Alternatively, if every regulation is truly unique, most enterprises will take their chances. No vendor can build a real business around a single reg, or at least i don’t think anybody can.”

Greg rightly points out that compliance challenges are cross-cutting concerns. Solving the same problem over and over again may be something that IT tends to do, but it definitely doesn’t benefit the business.

I wanted to quickly capture this feedback, while we assess options for architecture of partipation.

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