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Google Drives Me To Playboy

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I just visited playboy.com for the first time ever. i read it for the articles….

For those of you living in a cave i should point out that the magazine ran an interview with the Google Twins, Larry and Sergey, which could have derailed the firm’s IPO, running as it did during the pre-IPO quiet period. Lots of people have commented on the IPO- i am less interested in the specifics than in what google does next – I will be looking at the organization closely because not only does it have the clearest picture of what the semantic web will look like in practice, as Paul Ford makes clear in this excellent stalking horse piece, but also it owns some of the means to deliver it. pageranking is the start of the road for google search, not the end.

it would also be interesting to check out changes in playboy’s weblogs the last month or so–talk about good marketing. the google effect in full effect. we all devour news of the company of the moment. a great way to connect old and new economies?

sadly all playboy did was tell me to buy the paper version. i won’t be going back.

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