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On Thingmonk: welcome to the Internet of Twins

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That thing, where you’ve been putting together a conference for 4 or 5 months, and then someone totally nails the marketing for you the day before the conference is actually on. Yes – that.

Today I took a break from last minute logistics for Thingmonk, our annual Internet of Things (IoT) conference and went to hang out with some folks upstairs at my coworking space. I was chatting away, explaining our core theme, Digital Twins – that is, digital models tracking the lifecycle of a product and service from design to production and maintenance – when Bryan Boreham, director of software engineer at Weaveworks, leaned back and said:

“Oh, you mean the Internet of Twins.”

Take a breath. Count to 5. Homer Simpson. Doh! Wait – what? “The Internet of Twins?” That is literally perfect marketing for our event. THE INTERNET OF TWINS. Facepalm.

Here is the thing – we have speakers talking about building digital models of train networks to manage them better, digital models of sleeping patterns to help with sleep disorders, digital models of farms to maximise crop yields by taking account of weather and local soil conditions. We have two talks explaining just what the heck is a “digital twin”. Yet never once, in all the run up, did I even consider using the “Internet of Twins” strap line for marketing.

We don’t have Internet of Twins stickers

We don’t have Internet of Twins t-shirts

We don’t have Internet of Twins coffee cups.

Ah well. It took Bryan about 4 minutes to come up with that perfect summation… Anyway – Thingmonk starts Monday, so it really is too late to worry about it. But we have 5 spaces left. So if you’re interested in the Internet of Twins buy a ticket and we’ll see you there.

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