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Shoreditch: Basho is Hiring. Also Shaking up the NHS.

basho shoreditch

I wrote a post a few days ago about open source data management in the UK and Europe, as companies like Basho, DataStax and 10Gen set up home here. I was a little light on detail about Basho, because while I had just got an update on the company, that was in a pub with strong craft beers, so I wanted to make sure I didn’t break any confidences.

So I asked them what was going on locally. As if any more proof were necessary that things are kicking off here, hiring activity is always a leading (and lagging!) indicator. Basho is currently looking for 7 people to join the 9 already at work in its Shoreditch office. You might also enjoy this story about how I discovered the Basho office in my local neighbourhood. Another Tech City win, it seems. So what are the numbers?

  • Shoreditch now: 1 office admin, 3 engineers, 2 technical evangelists, 3 sales
  • Headcount open for an additional 7: 1 technical writer; 1 technical evangelist; 2 engineers; 3 sales
  • 20 people by year end

Here is the jobs board. If you like data management at scale this could be the gig for you. Basho’s RIAK database is currently displacing Oracle for the NHS Spine project, which is a very big deal indeed. RIAK for speed and compliance management. Huge story – I wonder when the press will get to it.


disclosure: Basho is a client. Oracle is not.




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