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Gonzo Video: Forklift Ready Infrastructure, Database Market Opens, Show Me the Money

I hope you have been enjoying the Opinionated Infrastructure series over the last week or so – I have been exploring what’s going on in the world of big data and integrated systems in a video series sponsored by IBM. The first few shows came out well, but my partner in crime, uh, Benny Crime is more than capable of being a little gonzo. Me too, I guess. So anyway, I would just like to share 3 videos that we made that hopefully have an enjoyable immediacy. The last in particular… well, watch it.

So here I talk about the database market and the current disruption we’re seeing, with in memory computing meeting open source to create new challenges for the incumbent- Oracle.

Or the need to offer servers you can load on a truck and deliver to a data center as pre-integrated modular building blocks.

And finally, the green screen episode, looking at industry economic models, data, integrated systems – show me the value. The Stack is So Money: Age of Data.

This series was sponsored by IBM PureSystems. We’re running a Google Hangout to talk about opinionated infrastructure tomorrow, Wednesday October 3rd. You should check it out.

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  1. Isn’t the reason Oracle is hard to displace by the likes of IBM may have something to do with its developer-centric approach. On a local level, Oracle holds and sponsors many DBA user groups. What is the IBM or Sybase equivalent?

    • hey james. you say developer centric, then say it runs DBA events. two very different constituencies… 🙂 but your point is well made nonetheless- the historical focus on practitioners is salutary.

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