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Come on SAP, make it interesting. Make an offer for BEA.

You forced Oracle’s hand with Business Objects, showing you want to play a new game. Now its time to play your second card of this hand. There is no way BEA is falling at 17 bucks a share. Have a good weekend everyone. Some of you will be eating pizzas and crunching numbers.

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  1. Been drinking much Kool Aid recently James?

  2. BEA is overpriced. I agree with Ludovic. I wonder where that came from on your part. Maybe you relish a bloodbath.

    I’m not even sure Oracle would be getting their money’s worth.

    Christopher MahanOctober 12, 2007 @ 11:10 pmReply
  3. whats your point ludo-coolaid? from who? at this point neither bea or oracle is a client. and sap- i dont see this as a coolaid post. onthe share price-oracle’s offer was not a premium offer.

    christopher – the market will decide a price. icahn is certainly happy.

    jgovernorOctober 13, 2007 @ 5:34 pmReply

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