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The WSJ’s All Things Digital: Close to Cool as ****

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Here at RedMonk we’re big fans of Alex King and his web design and implementation firm crowdfavorite. Its kind of cool to know that the same guy delivered the websites used by RedMonk and Walt Mossberg. He is taking WordPress into new high endian territory at the WSJ. And well done the Journal for not spending a ton of money on software you don’t need just because it says CMS.

I linked to this story with my del.icio.us links today when suddenly it struck me. Wait that’s not just a journalist quoting from your twitter channel, James – that’s a Wall Street Journal writer quoting your tweets. Say what you like about the Journal- but as a web property it is taking risks and playing the digital game with some aplomb. I guess I better start reading it – but with headlines like this one – Zingku? Jaiku? I Feel Like I’m Taking Crazy Pills! – what’s not to like?

I suspect I have @marshallk over at Read/Write Web to thank. Thanks Marshall.

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