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New Customer Announcement: Genuitec

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One area of the RedMonk business that is really singing at the moment is our client base in the commercial open source space. Stephen O’Grady has been instrumental in bringing people like Greenplum, MySQL, MuleSource and Zend on board. I am pleased to announce that we’re continuing the momentum.

We recently signed up Genuitec for an annual RedMonk subscription.

Talking of subscriptions, that is how the Genuitec business model works. Customers sign up to a MyEclipse IDE service from around $30. Its important to stress MyEclipse is not just a support service for the raw Eclipse IDE though. There is plenty of Genuitec-developed goodness in the code, including for example a database browser and UML round-tripping. You may not know the firm but plenty of enterprise developers do. Bank of America, Boeing, Cisco, and Verizon are all customers. The company claims:

  • MyEclipse now has around 400,000 users, anticipated to double this year
  • MyEclipse has grown at nearly 100% per year since its launch
  • It operates in over 10,000 businesses in 150 countries across the globe
  • 80% of the Fortune 100 use MyEclipse

I have mentioned it on my blog before.

Eclipse meets Netbeans Matisse finally! Rock on Genuitec

Genuitec is possibly the most interesting of the Eclipse-based IDE players from a disruptive point of view. Unlike other software vendors with a legacy to ring-fence, Genuitec really is all about Eclipse. Having said that, the company makes decisions based on capability and user requirements, rather than religion. Only market dominants can afford that kind of religion though.

You license MyEclipse for $49.95, which include some support. You get an Oracle database browser thrown in. It supports both Spring and Hibernate, and now… it supports an industry leading Java-based GUI builder, namely Matisse.

IBM really does support raw Eclipse

IBM Software Group just announced that customers can directly purchase Eclipse support, rather than buying Rational Studio. The move is right out of the Geronimo/WebSphere Community Edition playbook.

The decision to directly support Eclipse is bold and shows industry leadership.

One company that probably won’t have enjoyed seeing the announcement is Genuitec, which although its $29.95 MyEclipse product is a lot more than just a support for Eclipse offering, and a lot cheaper than IBM’s $400 per developer pricing, will likely find enterprise sales situations against IBM a bit harder now.

Genuitec wasn’t phased by that last post. The response was instant and positive. Jens Eckels, now my client, said:

It’s a win-win for everyone. Industry verticals receive the support they need, Eclipse Ecosystem and the tools market continue to grow, and Big Blue expands its services and consulting revenue. Call me naive, but I just can’t see the downside.

As for Genuitec and MyEclipse, we will continue to be the value leader in offering Eclipse-based tools suites and world-class support for under $30 and without vendor lock-in.

We will be working with Genuitec this year to help them expand their partner network, find new customers, market products more effectively and build their community. If we do a good job we will influence future directions for the core product. It is great to have the firm on board.

disclaimers: IBM and The Eclipse Foundation are RedMonk patrons.


  1. The Redmonk juggernaut motors on – congrats to you all.

  2. […] We just signed a Simple Subscription Service agreement with Covalent. Nice job Stephen.  As I have said before, RedMonk is doing very well in the commercial open source space. If there is an analyst firm to touch us in that market in I dont know who it is. The other main firm we see is probably The 451 Group, with its VC sales model explaining some of its success in OSS, but also Raven Zachary’s leadership, and the deep knowledge and experience of its editorial team. […]

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