James Governor's Monkchips

A Wiki Guide To Open Source Analysis Firms for Enterprises, Service Providers and Vendors

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James McGovern put the sand in the pearl. Barbara French at Tekrati started to layer gloss upon it (that means add content in English). Then we all jumped in (MWD, Freeform, RedMonk, Entiva and so on). I am hoping the wiki will provide some value.

It aims to answer some questions like – what is open source analysis? Why is it different from traditional industry analyst models? How do we best engage with open source analysts? What kind of questions can they help us with, and so on? I aim to contribute. We would really like it if you did too, whether you’re a dev, sysadmin, VP of Sales, chief architect, analyst, VP of analyst relations, AR professional, or whatever.

So here is the open source analysis wiki.


  1. James this is a very interesting idea. I will watch this with great interest and see if there is a logical way for a vendor to participate

  2. Great idea! I just posted about it, I’ll keep me updated through the wiki.

  3. […] James blogged about this earlier this year (along with James McGovern and Barbara at Tekrati) when they highlighted the open source analysis analysts (OSAA) wiki. I will be joining this debate but to kick-off here are a few of my answers to James’ questions: […]

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