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Its bad enough they bred

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I was catching up with some blog posts today from Richard Brown, when I came across this:

It’s bad enough that they bred. Now they’re trying to evolve. Before even my song and podcast collection is dry on my replacement iPod, they release THIS. I’m happy with them breeding and a bit of evolution is OK. But let’s hope this is the end of it. Opposable thumbs really would be too much.

It took me a few seconds to realise he was talking about us.

Yep – we’re podcasting. On another note its good to see Richard is approaching Blogger escape velocity, after Andy Piper took off.  Go Hursley bloggers.


  1. First three are on the iPod now, and will be checked out in the car tomorrow … prepare for feedback.

  2. Listened to them all twice – and will listen again before the night is through – they were interesting but I had some distractions (like the boss wanting to talk to me).

    I had forgotten about Steve – I’ve now subscribed to his feed as well.

  3. cool. cheers ric- stephen is the smart one.

  4. re: Blogger escape velocity: I’m quite happy for Andy to be the trailblazer here; when he figures out how to get his readers back, I’ll make the jump :-p

  5. It’s kinda spooky – I had to imagine the cynical edge before – now, it’s almost like you’re here arguing about unionized labor with me! Seriously – well done guys, keep it up. Thoroughly enjoyable!

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