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A Taxonomy of European Industry Analysts

Many thanks to ARonaut for this excellent quick take on the European industry analyst business.
I wanted to know who is the most off the wall analyst in the business?
So here is Europe (bear these in mind when organising briefings):

airline bitching: Andy Bitterer –

-ego grande: Stratos Sarissamlis

-ties department: Tony Lock

-pedantic: Will Cappelli

-weird humour: Phil Dawson

-brutal honesty: Laurent Lachal

-cars and sandals: Phil Payne [getting out of the analyst business, into SEO!]

-taking oneself seriously: Pascal Matzke

-strange hobbies: Geoff Norman

-Coca-Cola freak: Simon Buckingham

-forget-me-not: Joyce Becknell

I would love to see an equivalent list for the US…

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  1. mmm, looks like we’re links-no-grata on Monkchips now…

  2. Of course you would win the award for the ‘most declarative’.

  3. good point aronaut. you feeling a lack of link love from the governor? i will have to comment on another one of your posts

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