The sustainable fashion panel | Olivia Pinnock, Kresse Wesling, David Giusti & Oliver Wayman | Monki Gras 2018

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Sustainable fashion really emerged as a theme this year and as Monki Gras usually features a panel we thought why not make it a sustainable fashion panel.  Fashion is one of the worst industries for pollution and waste. So we assembled some of the people paving the way in the world of ethical fashion. First up Kresse Wesling MBE of Elvis and Kresse. Who make beautiful lifestyle accessories from rescued raw materials such as decommissioned fire hoses. They even donate 50% of profits to a firefighter charity. Next is Oliver Wayman of Bottletop. Beginning as a design collaboration with Mulberry. Bottletop developed an atelier in one of the poorest favela communities in Brazil to create luxury bags and accessories from the upcycled can ring pulls. Then there’s David Giusti of black horse lane. The first jean maker in London for 50 years. They make jeans to last and even offer free repairs for life. The panel was moderated by lecturer and sustainable fashion expert Olivia Pinnock.

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