Monki Gras 2017: Gergely Imreh – Do You Really Want to be This Cheap?

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In this talk Gergely Imreh community lead at gets under the skin of why and how we package things, and for who, with a great talk and hand-drawn slides. Who isn’t a sucker for hand-drawn slides? With physical products it’s the cheap stuff that is poorly packaged, in annoying shrinkwrap you end up cutting yourself when trying to open. But with high end things like your nice laptop or new fancy smartphone it’s a delight to open a new product. In terms of software, that luxury unboxing experience is much more rare, maybe even limited mostly to things like OSs, which are really coupled to the physical product and unboxing could be forced by that. Other software seem to have similar thinking to “cheap stuff” manufacturers where the manufacturer’s (creator’s) experience is more important than the user’s. What could be the Amazon-type approach of taking people’s emotional experience into account when creating software, even on the cheap (simple, open source, common) side?

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