Monki Gras 2017: Kiyoto Tamura – Packaging Ecosystems: How to Make Your Open Source Project Matter

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“For every Rails, Docker and React, there are thousands of projects that never take off.” In this wise funny talk Kiyoto Tamura talks about the common factors in those that do. Over the last 5 years, Kiyoyo worked on and off on marketing a piece of infrastructure middleware called Fluentd. He tried many things to ensure that it did not die: From speaking at events, speaking to strangers, giving away stickers, making people install Fluentd on their laptop. The the common thread of things that worked: they all brought Fluentd into a new ecosystem via packaging.” Rather than just talking about how great Fluentd is, Kiyoto shares lesson from peers and competitors like Elastic with the ELK (Elastic Logstash Kibana). Kiyoto also shares lessons from Facebook open source strategy around React, explain how Jobs to be Done is a great way to rethink how to build a community, and encourages you to get on the Open Source Flywheel. If you’re looking for real stuff you can do to make your project, product or community more effective you should watch this talk.

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