Monki Gras 17: Jonathan Boulle – Containers and the pianola

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Jonathan Boulle director of containers and monitoring and Berlin site lead at CoreOS lays out a novel musical metaphor for managing software – software applications as musical performance, and software container images (packages) as piano rolls. Seen enough tech talks shipping containers? We definitely have.

We learn about CoreOS and the Open Container Initiative, but what even is Infinite software. In this talk, you’ll find out. Container images are now the preferred way to package and distribute software but the shipping container metaphor has issues: shipping containers are bulky, monolithic in size, expensive to build, and are re-used for many years with very different contents. Software containers, on the other hand, can be cheaply copied and distributed in the blink of an eye with minimal resources – like a recipe, or a set of instructions. Instead, he suggests that a running software container is like a live musical performance – it has a basic pre-designed structure, but still has room for spontaneous changes or liv
e input, and — given an energetic enough performer -so bring on the piano rolls and pianola.

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