The tablet round-up: iPad, Xoom, Streak – GearMonk #002

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We sit down and go over the state of tablets, looking at three specific ones, the iPad, Xoom, and Dell Streak.

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Some of the topics we cover are:

  • Tablet-scape
  • What are the use cases for tablets? Reading stuff, mostly.
  • iPad 2 – does it have enough new to buy if you already have an iPad?
  • Xoom – Stephen’s gonna keep it! And, see the write-up of his first seven days.
  • How does tablet Android compare to Android for phones? Multi-tasking stands out as a big difference.
  • Media on the Xoom – generally pretty bad.
  • Then, the Dell Streak – more of a fun curiosity than a practical device?
  • …and, finally: pricing across tablets.

Disclosure: Dell sent us a few Streaks to look at and is a client.

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