ThingMonk 2016: Thomas Grassl – Moving Containers at Scale

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Those tech heads amongst you may have thought that Thomas Grassl’s talk Moving Containers at Scale would be about software containerisation and shipping, but NO! We are talking about real containers, ships, trucks, cranes and traffic which create an extremely complex logistical hub challenge. IoT is not so new here and many moving parts, like the containers have been tracked over years. The next new challenge these ports embark on are in the areas of logistic networks, connected business and more and more automation. In this talk we will go deep into how such a networked logistic hub works, what sensor and open data is being captured, how this is being used to process and automate large logistical flows.

Hamburg port are forecasting handling 25 million containers per year that’s, 68 thousand per day which lined up end to end would actually fill the road all the way from Hamburg to Berlin and onwards to Munich. Thomas Grassl Head of Developer Relations at SAP explores what the variety of players involved are doing to keep all this traffic moving. From telemetric tracking systems to geo fenced parking zones and open data sources multiple business partners are using IoT solutions to facilitate this exponential growth within existing infrastructures.

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