ThingMonk 2016: Dom Guinard – Building the Web of Things – node.js the Web and IoT

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Dom Guinard is CTO and co-founder @EVERYTHNG, a large-scale Web of Things cloud interfacing close to 1 billion devices. Dom got his PhD from ETH Zurich, where he worked on the early concepts of the Web of Things architecture: an open application layer for the Internet of Things. He and co-founder Vlad Trifa are veterans of WoT and IoT technologies and have pioneered this field at SAP and MIT. Dom came to ThingMonk to talk about the process of working with publishers Manning to produce their new book Building the Web of Things  honing their PhD research to create a step by step guide to using the included hardware kit to build applications that merge the physical and digital worlds.

Because the Internet of Things is still new, there is no universal application protocol. Fortunately, the IoT can take advantage of the web, where IoT protocols connect applications thanks to universal and open APIs. The book aims to introduce developers, tinkerers, makers and product developers to using cutting-edge and open web technologies to build the IoT. Dom explained that Manning had encouraged them to structure the book so that opportunities to make and do were included from the offset. So each chapter teaches  how to take advantage of specific real-time, web-connected devices and services in differing contexts. Supporting our wonderful new Diversity Scholarship Programme Dom was kind enough to provide all of our Diversity Scholars with a copy of the book to take home and play with.

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We are hiring! Node.js Angular.js, Java / Data Science, Product Owner @ London Old Street

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